Booking and payment

All fees are in euros. Online estimates in other currencies are for orientation only.

On confirmation of booking a 100 euro FULLY deductible deposit is required which can be paid by Bank Transfer, Credit Card (VISA), Online banking or PayPal.

For payment of the balance, students paying by Bank Transfer, Credit Card (VISA), Online banking or PayPal are required to do so 2 weeks prior to course commencement. Those preferring to pay cash may do so in the office on your their first day.

Invoicing errors or disputes will be referred to the current ISLA website prices.

Price Inclusions and Exclusions

All course prices include:

  • the course as selected
  • the provision of accommodation if required
  • those extra curricular activities which are free
  • course deposit of 100 euros
  • any existing promotions
  • a Certificate of Attendance stating type of course, number of hours, level, dates and grade
  • tutorials
  • VAT

They do not include:

  • Course materials (except one week courses which do include these)
  • Accommodation fees
  • Those extra curricular activities and trips which are not free
  • Cost incurred by bank transfers

Cancellation, refunds and rescindment of contract with ISLA.

If you need to cancel your course before your arrival date any money you have paid (course, course materials, refundable transfer tickets, accommodation) will be refunded, less the 100 Euro deposit and non-refundable accommodation deposits (eg. for private apartments, hotels) or transport tickets.

Under the conditions of our Money Back Guarantee, if you wish to cancel your course in the first three days due to an ISLA-related issue that we unable to resolve, you get a refund of course fees, accommodation fees from the second week (less any non-recuperable accommodation fees such as deposits or where the apartment owner/hotel has already been paid in full). After this time, we regret that we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. For legal reasons we are not able to extend this guarantee to those on study visas.

Cancellation of contract with ISLA by either party implies automatic cancellation and removal from ISLA accommodation.

ISLA is responsible for payment of accommodation and the making of alternative arrangements by the student/accommodation provider will result in the cancellation of this contract without refund.

Health and Insurance

1) All students are strongly recommended to be in possession of the European Health Card (EHIC) or private health insurance policy. ISLA is not responsible for any medical bills arising from students not being protected.

2) While ISLA will inform families/residences of allergies, dietary needs or handicaps, it is the responsibility of the student to remind them of these requirements. ISLA is not responsible for any illness arising from allergy etc. It is the participant’s responsibility to purchase food at special shops (eg celiac bread etc.) if required.

3) If a student becomes ill, an ISLA staff member will accompany the student to the pharmacy/doctor/hospital. At night students can contact the ISLA emergency line for assistance in an emergency.


1) ISLA is committed to providing levels sufficient to those of the students in the school, without a minimum amount of participants.
2) The maximum amount of students per class is 9 except the Culture lessons which are open class style.
3) Classes commence punctually and have a duration of 50 minutes which may be bundled and re-divided. 
4) ISLA is closed on selected public holidays (see Important Dates) and there are no lessons in lieu.
5) ISLA reserves the right to oblige students who fail weekly tests or otherwise underperform to move down a level (even it means repeating weeks).
6) ISLA reserves the right to exclude students with behavioural problems from the course, without right to refund.
7) Students are not permitted to eat in lessons.
8)  Smoking is not permitted in front of the ISLA buildings.
9) Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a lesson are not permitted to join the class until after the following break.
10) The Classification Test is NOT during the standard lesson time. One to one lessons scheduled at 09:00 missed due to the Classification test are made up. The Culture lesson is not recuperated.
11) Personal items brought to the school are the responsibility of the owner and ISLA is not liable for their loss.
12) Students are required to attend 90% of their lessons, all Friday tests, complete their homework and have a positive, participative attitude in order to receive a certificate of attendance.


1) There might be other foreign guests living at the family.
2) All families are within 20 minutes walk of ISLA. 
3) Host families can be a married couple or a single lady, with or without children. They are required to sign a contract which is available on request outlining their responsibilities including:

  • Provision of a decent bedroom with 1, 2 or 3 separate beds (can be bunk beds), clean linen & towels (changed once per week) and of natural light.
  • Provision of 2/3 meals per day for half board/full board respectively. Breakfast to include tea,  coffee or chocolate, toast, cookies or muffins.  Lunch to include 3 courses. Dinner to include 2 courses. families respect dietary requirements but do not purchase special food (see above).
  • Washing of clothes once per week.
  • Provision of a packed lunch for day trips and on the last day.
  • Displaying a friendly, open and caring manner towards the student at all times.

4) Students are responsible for replacing any items they break.


1) ISLA is not responsible for missed flights due to missed/incorrectly booked transfer or breakdowns/delays on the way.
2) It is the student’s responsibility to check transfer tickets purchased for them are for the correct time and on the right day.
3) ISLA is not responsible for missed/cancelled transfers due to flight delay or “force majeure” like bad weather/police alarms but will assist via the emergency line with purchase of new tickets or alternative arrangements (including hotels) which will be charged to the student. We advise participants to take out travel insurance for some of these eventualities.
4) ISLA is not responsible for students having to cover the cost of hotel stays or taxis if they have booked planes at times when public coaches are not available. This might include any plane before 12:00, after 19:00 or if there is no longer availability on coaches at other times.


1) ISLA procures transport and outdoor activities with fully licensed companies.
2) All students take part in ISLA’s activities entirely at their own risk.
3) Some activities have a minimum and maximum amount of participants or a minimum age limit.


Students are responsbible for the repair or replacement of breakages at host families or in student apartments.


We regret that we do not accept 500 euro bills.

For students under 18:

1) In additional to those mentioned previously families are responsible for:

  • Vigilance of curfew and general state of the student when they come home, informing of ISLA’s emergency line if the student is late or unwell.
  • Vigilance that students are up on time for activities and lessons.
  • Accompanying of student from coach to home on day of arrival, from home to school on their first school day and from home to the coach on last day

2) Curfew is strictly midnight from Sunday until Thursday and 01:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, with any exception at any time.
3) Students must hand in their latch keys at supper time.
4) Smoking is strictly forbidden at host families, outside ISLA and on any ISLA activity or trip.
5) Alcohol, drugs, energy drinks and the procurement of tattoos and piercings are forbidden at all times for students under 18.
6) Any mishap arising from a student breaking ISLA rules, means the automatic exoneration of responsibility of ISLA, the host families or residence owner.
7) Parents are liable for the costs of repatriation of their child in case of their exclusion from the program due to rule breaking.
8) Minors are not permitted to attend ISLA courses while living in accommodation arranged by themselves unless with a parent.
9) Parents are liable for costs of any breakages, medical bills that may result from their child’s actions.

The Court of Salamanca, Spain shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.
These terms are complementarily or subsidiarily regulated by the common civil legislation for the letting of services, and by the rules for consumer rights, in particular Act 82/95 of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, Act 26/84 in defense of consumers and users and Act 13/2005 indefense of consumers and users of academic institutions.
According to the personal data Act 15/1999, we inform you that your personal details will be for ISLA internal use only. Furthermore, you have the right to rectify or cancel them at any moment. For any further information please contact: ISLA Salamanca ” Plaza de los Basilios 8, 37001 Salamanca, Tel.: (+34) 923 210394, Email: Skype: islasalamanca